Spring stirring…

18 February 2010
Ben Pentreath

Just as the snow and pouring rain continue to make Bridie and me wonder why we don’t shut the shop and go to the sunshine all winter long… a glimmer of hope.  

Signs of Spring at the Old Parsonage…



and even more exciting… I have started a vegetable garden.

It has fine deep dark earth, and will soon be surrounded by a strong hurdle fence to keep out the rabbits.

And I have just ordered 65 different varieties of veg and cutting flowers from fantastic Chiltern Seeds ( Nothing gets me through these cold days better than dreaming of fresh courgettes and beans picked on a lazy long July evening. Watch this space….

veg patch

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Excellent work on this article. It makes for an interesting and thoughtful read.

You see, it’s just these sorts of images of The Parsonage that make us, your invisible lurkers, um, I mean, readers, where was I? Oh yes.. that make us, your imaginary friends, think that one day we’ll be invited down for a long weekend in the country. Warm days, cool evenings. An easy supper made with fresh veg we helped collect from the garden… one can only dream!

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