Wide skies

30 March 2010
Ben Pentreath

Back to London from a quiet, happy weekend in Suffolk, near the coast. Life in Dorset (or indeed in London) makes one forget those wide skies and soft blue grey, dove gray, olive green Suffolk palettes.  How fine to see wide skies and flint churches again. Here is a small snapshot of the great church at Blythburgh, and the Blyth estuary as the river rolls down to Southwold. Could the relationship between building and place be more finely attuned?

One reply on “Wide skies”

ben you are my man crush. hope to be reincarnated in you life next time round. my gorgeous man and i went to blythburgh as a random and loved the calmness of the church. have a snap taken as the light faded of the thatched house down the lane from the church. wonderful glimpse of the interior complete with lamp and grand piano. went to yr shop bought yr book yum and pair of chines pottery parrots, scott p.

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