RIBA drawing day

22 May 2010
Ben Pentreath

A few days after our exhibition opening, George, Francis and I spent the day at the RIBA and drew a massive drawing on the wall. A little crazy, and a lot of fun. Here are some photos of the work in progress, and here is a link to the five minute film that my cousin Ben made of the event…!






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How does one put this without it sounding too gushing? “Ben Pentreath, you are my Hero!” (true, but a bit Much maybe). “Marry me, Ben Pentreath!” (no, that would just be embarrassing).

You see, in a world stuffed full of ill-proportioned PVC windows, a plethora of billboards and badly designed road/safety/parking/litter signs, B.P world is somewhere where one can breathe more easily! Great lungfuls of beauty, good taste and joy. Your garden is quite simply one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I have found that it is impossible not to smile when looking at a picture of it. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

Finally made it to the shop to take full advantage of the sale. Best bloody shop I have ever been in! Why can’t all shops have a nice old fashioned tin cash box?

But anyway, this comment was meant to be about your blog post above. That ‘Three Classicists’ video is absolutely the coolest thing I have seen for ages, and I really wish I had known about the exhibition. Thankfully I’ve now got a copy of the exhibition book, which I am fascinated and delighted by. All three of you are amazing. Actually I love going to the RIBA building at the best of times…I once spent a happy afternoon there obsessively photographing everything down to the door handles!

Okay, I agree, it’s all far too gushing. Maybe just this: “Congratulations, and thank you”.


wonderful stuff! congrats to you all…

Gorgeous work!! I love a good architectural mural.

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