Midsummer chimneypiece

10 June 2010
Ben Pentreath

My friend George Saumarez Smith (who I did the RIBA drawings with – see the posting in May) sent me this photograph of his fireplace at home in Winchester saying ‘a shame I don’t have a blog, to post this photo’.

Look at the soft light, the rose from the garden, a couple of wedgwood mugs and a pair of pressed glass candlesticks (i wonder where the candles came from?).  Most importantly, note the refracted reflection of Quinlan Terry’s remarkable linocut of Frog Meadow Dedham, in the mirror.

Our friend William wrote back saying, ‘I wouldn’t worry about not having a blog, I think they’re a bit naff”. Well, yes of course they are – but Will, I guess you are reading this… and secretly enjoying it…


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Hi Ben. I found your blog after reading about your Bloomsbury flat in Perfect English. I drop by your blog fairly regularly because I find your interiors pictures very inspiring (I am currently renovating a Victorian apartment in Edinburgh). I have to disagree with your friend William… blogging is not always naff. Like a bad conversation, when one person broadcasts and doesn’t listen to others, a blog can be truly boring and self indulgent. But a good blogger that engages with their readers and other bloggers within the same field can be inspiring and in some cases, addictive reading. I would say to your friend George, start a blog and post lots of lovely pictures like this, I would definitely read it!

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