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14 June 2010
Ben Pentreath

I was sitting having my cup of coffee just now and was thinking a bit about kitchens. In the new age of modesty (sounds a bit friendlier than austerity, doesn’t it?) perhaps there’s something we can learn from my kitchen down here in Dorset.

There’s an old cupboard which has everything in it, probably made up by an estate joiner from salvaged doors judging by the look of things. I bought a beautiful oak dresser from a dealer on ebay (a bit risky, I guess, but it worked), and I found the glasses cupboard in a junk shop for £50. The pair of deep stainless steel sinks cost about £700 from GEC Anderson, and my builder made the cupboard below for about £500.

I used the cheapest 4″ square white tiles you can buy – essential that they are completely plain – some of them make the mistake of trying to look hand made tiles (can I make a confession – I don’t really like hand made tiles, and I really don’t like expensive tiles).

The draining racks are from Heals – a timeless design that I love.

And that is that. It all works beautifully. For about £2,000.







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When did you decide to paint and add molding to your wall cupboard? I love it, and am looking to duplicate it in my 1890s San Francisco Victorian.
Have you written more about your kitchen?


what a lovely kitchen.

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