Heaven is a garden

3 July 2010
Ben Pentreath

What did you do for gay pride on this sunny Saturday?

I spent the day in my veg patch. Very nice it was too.  Here are a couple of pics.  This evening I had some very old friends round for supper, a good excuse to dig some new potatoes and to pick some very young broad beans.

For me, I reckon my afternoon was really about broad bean pride.  No bands, no floats, no creepy commercialisation of something which should not really be, well, commercial. Just that amazing smell, and amazing spring green, of young broad beans freshly podded.

I suspect that heaven is indeed a garden, not a nightclub under an arch in Charing Cross.







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b.n. witty but vicious and had way too many pussies..and lillies. b.p. would appear witty, relatively well adjusted and does more of his own gardening

“They say in heaven, mud comes first, Oooh heaven is a place near earth (enware pots?)

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