Reddish for ever

16 July 2010
Ben Pentreath

This morning, I was driving to Dorset via a new site in Wiltshire. I got a little lost on my way down, and chanced upon the incredible valley west of Wilton – Broadchalke, Bowerchalke, Fifeild Bavant, Ebbersborne Wake.

Getting very lost in the narrow chalk lanes, it was a great joy to chance upon Reddish House – Cecil Beaton’s home after he left Ashcombe. 

There’s a wonderful photograph of Beaton and Hockney in the conservatory at Reddish in Peter Schlesinger’s brilliant photo memory, A Checkered Past – one of my favourite books that we sell in the shop (although it is very hard to get hold of – forgive us if we sell out).

And then, here is Reddish today – I don’t think Beaton would approve of that gate and wall. But the rest…. amazing.





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Jane Lsays:

My (then) parents-in-law lived in Broadchalke for a few years in the late sixties. As a design student I loved the house in late summer. There were only white Japanese anemones in bloom all along where the house walls met the ground, very little else floral, and I don’t remember any fussy plant training. At the windows were hints of what seemed to be simple black and white ticking Roman blinds. Utterly stylish for those days. I still love black and white stripes and Japanese anemones.

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