Simple pleasures, Part 2

5 September 2010
Ben Pentreath

A while ago, I seem to remember writing about the simple pleasure of a grapefruit. Thank you to those of you who sent Bridie and me pictures of your simple pleasures.  On Monday, I had a similar little moment, looking at the laundry on the washing line.

Then that afternoon I planted the first of my bearded irises from Woottens of Wenhaston,  If I’ve got it right, they should all be different dark colours… black, purple, reddy brown… Watch this space in May next year!  Have you ordered your daffodils yet?  It’s strange, but rather reassuring, that just as I am taking the veg patch apart it’s time to think about next spring.




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Nicola Lawrencesays:

Dear Ben. I came back to look at this post from today’s 2016 post. I see what you mean by shorter! Quite scant comparatively – funny I never noticed at the time – I have always thought your blogs beautiful in words and images. Your garden certainly has changed over time – and I too (as someone commented today) notice the change from ‘I’ and your plans to ‘we’ – and having known that sense of change and finding (unexpectedly) the right person, too, I know how much ‘we’ adds to the sheer and simply joy(s) of life. I’m looking forward to your new book and going to pre-order right now. xx

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