Italians are better dressed

17 September 2010
Ben Pentreath

I’m sorry for not posting for a while. It’s been a busy few weeks – architecture life is undergoing a bit of that autumn rush that always seems to happen around this time of the year.

Still, not as busy for us as for the Pope. I must to confess that I’m not so excited by the Papal visit (I got the feeling the Queen wasn’t either). Yawn, yawn, could we have any more hand-wringing on Radio 4 and in the popular broadsheet comment pages about religion and secularism and whether blah…………..

But I was quite excited by his shoes.


Check them out!!  I am authoritatively told they are by Prada.  What a beautiful red.

The pontiff is very welcome at Rugby Street any time he wants a quiet wander away from the busy business down in Westminster… Bridie and I feel sure that any owner of those handsome slippers must enjoy a fine line in decorative accessories too.  Some John Derian would surely look rather well in the echoing, private corridors of the Vatican City?  (And goodness, he would probably enjoy picking up a piece of costume jewellery from our neighbour Maggie Owen, a sharp new winter jacket from Oliver Spencer or some cozy knitwear from Folk).

And then, of course, we have a rather more home-grown contribution to sartorial religious elegance, our very own archbishop. Here are the two old boys – can you spot which one has his hair cut in Canterbury?


Still, I’m not sure the gaydar protestors didn’t make the best scene of all, complete with golden angelic wings. A rather more exciting picture than my onion harvest. Have a happy weekend, god bless you all.


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had a friend who once had her bbq sausages blessed by the pope (one or two before this one) in a car park in melbourne australia. she was unsure if she should have consumed or conserved them…lovely saturday evening spent at home viewing these old blogs. not really computer literate..such fun to be able to leave a comment


Eureka – haircuts and dress must be why the Vatican referred to a ‘third world country’!

We were rather excited to see the pope in his pope mobile parked outside Waitrose. Sadly, he turned out to be a decoy pope. The beige slacks and black brogues peeking out from beneath his cloak could only have belonged to a police man (Waitrose is next door to Lothian Police Headquarters). The real thing is a lot more glamorous (surprisingly!); i’m jealous of those red shoes!


I, too, am glad to have a close-up of the pope’s footwear. As my cousin said on announcing that she was off to Protest the Pope, “I refuse to be preached to about the evilness of homosexuality by a man in a dress and red slippers”. Nuff said…


I am so pleased that you posted a picture of the Pope’s red shoes. I kept saying to my husband “look I am sure he has red shoes on”, and wishing the TV would give us a better view of them. How did you get such a good picture of them? Thanks again

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