The World of Interiors

29 November 2010
Ben Pentreath

Today was a happy day. After a quick trip to Columbia market, a delicious lunch with my friends Ruth Andrew and Georgie (Georgie is our apron model). It was very exciting to sit next to Min Hogg, and  to chat about her beautiful new papers and cloths; about Peter Schlesinger and London in days which, well, frankly, were a bit more fun; and of course about the World of Interiors.

So it was quite timely to zoom by to the office on my way home and discover my flatmate William in the midst of re shelving his Worlds of Interiors. Here they are! Jealous?  And okay, I know it is very OCD to have your WoIs shelved in date order….. but have you ever tried sleeping at night if they are not?

I’ve been meaning to write about WoI for as long as I have been writing about ‘The Things we Love’. Nothing, after all, is more inspirational than The World of Interiors. We do, of course, have a quite few old copies in the shop to fill the gaps in your collection, or do pop in if you just want a little browse of the best and most beautiful magazine in the world.

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Hi Ben, you may remember me from those days working for Liv…. It’s a pleasure seeing your London achievements and the beautiful stuff you are selling. I came across you now doing some web surfing to try and find a resolution to my collection of W.of I. back numbers!! I seem to spend my time lugging them from place to place and their last but one storage was damp so I have decided to sell them. I have the first 99 issues; someone swiped the hundredth, and quite a few later ones. Would you have an interest?
I am living in Ireland but the mags are (thankfully) in London. Any way it would be good to see you whatever,perhaps when I am in London which will be in October. With all best wishes, Julian

Char Gardnersays:

I don’t know how many American readers can identify with your posts regarding WOI but I am certainly one! I am only missing a few issues since 1981 and I do have a lot of duplicates. I don’t know a single soul here who appreciates this mag as I do. It is so comforting to think of you all across the water cherishing them.

William (not the flatmate!)says:

I’m on my way. I shall be transported – a la Audrey Hepburn – on a pistachio coloured Vespa. But I won’t be wearing fur. It’s so vulgar and soooo inappropriate for humans.

William (the flatmate)says:

Hi William, mine is by no means a full collection, but I do have some duplicates, might just plug a gap, WIlliam


I think we need to arrange a WoI swap night at the shop.

William (not the flatmate!)says:

Ah yes, the seemingly endless quest to obtain a complete run of the World of Interiors. I am missing about ten copies and was overjoyed to recently find an issue I needed in your shop. But, in an attempt to fill gaps, I have been forced to buy collections with the result I have have a huge number of duplicates. Is the other Willliam missing any perhaps??

“but have you ever tried sleeping at night if they are not?”


Ooh! I love WOI too. I’m a bit OCD in the other direction, I try to save them for a while and then start feeling uncomfortable about having so many back issues… a quick trawl through to pull out my favourite pics and then it’s off to recycling. My need to de-clutter really irritates me when I see posts like this one!

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