Winter sunshine

5 December 2010
Ben Pentreath

When the holiday pages in the paper promise winter sun, it is true that I sometimes dream of baking on some faraway island just now. But can I be honest? I think there is no better winter sun than our own home-grown variety.

Today was a beautiful day in the valley. The snows had passed and Saturday was a grim day of rain and cloud, good only for staying deep inside the house. But inevitably a day of storms is followed by a day of sunshine… and, in the depths of winter, by hints of spring.

I love the fact that each season contains at once memories of the past and hints of the future, alongside the vitality of the present.

I trust you have your paperwhites planted?

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Libert Monroysays:

Yes, yours look really lovely. I discovered them when I moved to Holland 5 years ago and since then I plant them every year. Some of my friends they really can not stand the smell but I really like it

Lovely blog. I planted paperwhites last year. When they flowered I couldn’t stand the smell! They looked so lovely, I tried and tried to bear the stench, but in the end they had to go!! Yours look lovely at this stage!


Lynne, I think the smell of all narcissi is a love or hate thing. I am sure you are not alone. But I must admit it is one of my favourite scents of all… which is lucky.

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