Happy Christmas with love from London!

18 December 2010
Ben Pentreath

Its been a beautiful day in London. Well, not if you were trying to fly home from Heathrow airport, like my neighbour Daniel.

But if you were able to pop your snow boots on and have a frolic in the flakes, it was pretty lovely. Here was Rugby Street earlier this afternoon. If you are sharp eyed you can spot our christmas windows hiding behind Miles, Sarah & Florence’s van.

And when all was said and done, there was nothing nicer than to come home and drink a cuppa in front of the fire.

I hope you are having a cosy weekend!

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loved persephone books,we have bridgewater pomegranates jug, some fabrics and a good old dorothy whipple from there. girl in shop seemed mildly surprised that two guys were buying whipple..are we odd..

Ohhh, Persephone Books. How lucky you are.

Emma Mooresays:

Hi Ben, I have just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. Can I ask where I may find a rug like the one in your London sitting room? Many thanks from Edinburgh.


Dear Emma, great!

They are called Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco. You could try who have a good stock normally…


🙂 of course

Libert Monroysays:



i love your blog, your homes and your store. i’m a new yorker in berlin, where i’m currently renovating a very english sort of house from the 20s in kreuzberg, and i am totally inspired by your point of view. next time i am in london i will make the pilgrimage to rugby street! meanwhile a question: chimneys in germany are usually in the corner, so we have to install the fireplace in the corner of our living room rather than in the middle of the wall, which throws off my whole sense of balance. any suggestions about how to arrange furniture for maximum coziness, in a more or less square room, with an off-kilter fireplace? merry christmas from snowy berlin 🙂


Dear anna, I will post some photos of my bedroom! Which has a corner fireplace! All best, Ben

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