Signs of Spring

6 March 2011
Ben Pentreath

Did you realise the clocks change in three weekends time? No, I didn’t think so…. (put a note in your diary for 27 March).

I was out in the garden just now. It’s five o clock on Sunday afternoon.  Birdsong, warm sunshine and a cup of tea, after a load of friends were over for lunch.  I think it is official. Spring is here.

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Ella Turnersays:

I love how you put the blue egg box in your still life arrangement! I love those eggs – things of great beauty!


Your garden is so beautiful, I look forward to seeing it since my own garden in London is the size of a proverbial postage stamp and I miss Dorset terribly having moved from Lyme Regis last year. Thanks so much for putting time and energy into your blog, what I love most about it is the simplicity and integrity of the things you find worthy of note. Simply lovely.

in Boston we’re a bit behind you guys… but your pics give me hope!

Thank you for a lovely blog.

I’m so jealous. I would guess at my house we’re at least a month behind you? My garden still looks like a pile of dead dirt. Love your photos, gorgeous.


I have been enjoying your site now for a few weeks. Just a note to thank you for your postings.
… it’s always wonderful to see your garden

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