“It’s a fine line…

10 April 2011
Ben Pentreath

…between too much and not enough”, as a friend of mine in New York used to say.

So. I got back from Berlin and straight to work for a rather gruelling week. Only on Thursday night did I manage to get down to Dorset and after another day of meetings finally I made my way into the garden in the late afternoon sun.

A lot changes in a garden in three weeks – and no more so than at this time of year. Remind me never to go away again. The days are long again. The asparagus has gone mad (I still cannot really crop until next year, but I did pick my first bunch for supper that night). New potatoes are sprouting. But the biggest transformation has really been…. tulips.

You would have to be a very loyal reader of this blog to remember a post I wrote a long time ago about tulips. Yes, I had gone a bit mad one evening with a glass of wine or two and a wholesale bulb merchant website and found myself ordering, well, several hundred (in fact thousand) tulips and daffodils. All autumn we had the long task of planting them. I was quite sure that they would be lost in the expanse of the newly-formed flower beds and that to achieve a decent display would take years of adding more.

Hmm. Now I am not sure. It probably isn’t quite possible to have too much of a good thing in the garden……. but I think I may be getting close. ¬†Scroll all the way down to see what I mean.

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Jill Rowesays:

Thank you Ben! I went to their site- they have lovely things. Hope they ship to New York. I’ll send pics of my garden once it’s up and running! Best, Jill

Jill Rowesays:

Hi Ben,

Your garden looks amazing, starting my first garden this spring. I admired your white and glass cold frames. Can you tell me where I might find similar ones! Enjoy your beautiful garden!


Dear Jill, thank you and good luck with your garden! The cold frames are from a company called Hibbitts of Oswestry

Dear Ben
Any tips pleased on where to find such cloches?

Deirdre McSharrysays:

Tulipmania is the necessary madness after a hard winter…there’s .no such thing as too much beauty. Plant on, Deirdre


so so beautiful

So heartening to see your impeccably judged Spring awakening. I’m missing mine due to torn ligament and subsequent entrapment in London so watching yours is giving me much vicarious pleasure (if not a little envy).

sue robinsnsays:

Sometimes too much of a good thing is funny.

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