In the Pink

13 April 2011
Ben Pentreath

No, not my pink sitting room (which, for those who were wondering, I am really in love with). But, yes, I have been asked to give you a link to the FT How to Spend It website today. The photo below, of St. Mary-le-Strand a couple of weeks ago, will make sense for those who make it to the bottom of their page…!

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What a brilliant article in the FT. And Design Week is several steps up from the trade fairs which represent miles of disposable tat. The door, knob and sign you photographed are both useful and beautiful (and made to last). Thank you for your Inspiration!

Miss Ayse.Mustafasays:

One of my favourite sites of London! So elegant and hidden yet so central. Beautifuly captured!
I teach Design Technology and Art at Chelmsford County High School for Girls. I am always using your work as a good example for a company profile, case study. I particularly highlight; your style niche, inspiration up-date and the areas of design which you work in. Great inspiration! Thankyou.

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