Tulip time

16 April 2011
Ben Pentreath

It has been one of those weeks here at the Parsonage…. Not much to say, but a lot to look at!

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Hi Amy – they are wallflowers. A bit late to plant for next year (I haven’t got mine in either…) Ben


Simply stunning!! I would love to know the name of the smaller red shaded flowers used in between the purple tulips as they would be perfect in one of my gardens.

Makes me wish I were English when I see tulips like these. Actually I wish I were English every time I read your blog, truly most charming indeed.


beautiful, what a display

Simon Clancysays:

Most charming indeed.

Un día escribí para pedirte si podía poner unas fotos publicadas por tí de la Rectoría en mi blog. Desistí porque pensé que eran tan bellas que sería como una profanación. Creo ése comentario nunca llegó a tí.
Hoy sencillamente quiero decir: MARAVILLOSO!!!


I have never been able to grow tulips – squirrels eat them in London and deer in Dorset. These are so beautiful.


Very happy to be English when I see pictures like these.

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