Tulip Time 2…

24 April 2011
Ben Pentreath

One advantage of having too many tulips in the garden… is that you can have too many inside. A case of when too many is never enough.

It was time yesterday to give the flower borders a bit of a calming down. Some tulips were over, and they are on the compost heap. Others were good for picking!

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Wonderful, wonderful! The top photo looks like a Dutch interior.


I love these purple-black tulips! fantastic ! …… I live in lon beach, ca zip 908033 blocks from the beach one way and
aprx. 5 blocks the other.What would be a wise combination of bulbs for me? Also I want to plant an English country hedge, along the side of my homeand continueing across the front.I have two large dogs, the foliage, must keep theem back, as we have a 3.5’ in the front yard. Our Shepherds can clear that without thinking, so foliage it must be. Help! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dying of tulip envy! Great inspiration for me and my tiny cottage garden. I can pack that little piece of land with more tulips and flowers. My jaw is on my desk….so beautiful Ben!


Still not too many tulips! The last photo is my favorite- I love the color combination of the deep dark purple with the flaming orange and reds. I just returned from Istanbul, where they are also Tulip-happy. Tulips are all over that city and it gives me another reason to regret calling Houston ‘home’. At least I can stay inside and look at your wonderful blog and pretend it’s outside my front door…

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