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5 May 2011
Ben Pentreath

I have just returned from a couple of days looking at a new project in Scotland, where the Lowlands meet the Highlands in the wonderful country just to the east of the Trossachs. The weather was perfect; clear skies and distant views to crystal blue mountains.

We are looking at a plain, handsome, very fine village and how we might add some new houses to it, in a 30 year plan for its development. The sort of project which is such a great part of our work in the architectural office.

At the end of a long day, we went for a walk through the extraordinary gardens that belong to my client’s parents. Scotland at her best. The small arts and crafts service wing which I have photographed is one of the most beautiful buildings I think I have seen… nothing could be changed without spoiling it.

In front, a hedge which I shall surely try to plant somewhere—pleached limes growing through beech. And beyond, an extraordinary woodland garden, planted in the 1820s. I cannot admit to being the greatest fan of rhododendron and azalea, but on this scale and in such a setting… the romantic landscape made real. Who could not love the tiny bothy next to the vast, empty walled garden? A piece of quiet, perfect paradise.

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Jill Rowesays:

Those beautiful dark orange/red flowers in the foreground of the picture with the small stone house – is that an azalea? If so, very beautiful!


Dear Jill, yes I think you are absolutely correct. It was very beautiful!

I love the pleached limes-very French and also reminds me of Hidcote; might it look better though, without the beech hedge underneath?

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