8 May 2011
Ben Pentreath

Having decided not to return to London tonight, I went for a run along the valley at sunset. The cows are back in the pasture and after a fleeting rain shower the sky was extraordinarily clear.

It’s almost a year to the week since I took some rather similar photographs, here – although the pictures of my garden last May are a reminder of how much further forward the spring is this year than last.

A few photographs of the garden this evening also. An amazing evening.

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Always fantastic photographs – and I have ridiculous garden envy as I stare at my 50 foot patch in Peckham Rye…………..


Please tell me you have help with your garden or I shall feel completely inadequate. It’s stunning!


Dear Shelly, yes I do! Liz and Mandy. Who help for a morning every two weeks. They keep the edges in order and tackle the big jobs when I run out of time. But it’s interesting really, because I spend about one good day in the garden myself every week or so, and that seems to be almost enough. (but don’t look too closely 😉 )

HEAVENLY! The whole post…and your garden is so inspiring.

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