September to May

16 May 2011
Ben Pentreath

I was just leafing through some old photos from last year – looking for something else. I couldn’t find the picture I was after (if you must know, of the town hall and clock tower in Bodmin, Cornwall – getting ready for a presentation I’m giving tomorrow up here in Scotland… I know, weird).

But I did find some photos of my new border, in September last year, before I started planting. And then I compared them to today. It sort of gave me hope!

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gorgeous and amazing. I can’t believe that happened in one season.


Saw a mention of your blog in the Telegraph – I visit Bridport often & loved your photos; beautifully done.

Wait! You just planted this garden last fall? Oh my gosh. Wow.


Dear Katy yes. But now I’m planning all sorts of changes…..!!!


Ben, I discovered your blog via Katy Elliott…beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! What a transformation and how lucky for the lovely parsonage to be cared for by you.
By the way, does your shop ship to the US…hoping so.


Dear Diane – how kind! Yes we do ship to the US – once a week!

All best, Ben

amazing – quite incredible how established the borders look in such a short space of time – wonderful colours too

So lovely! Your layout of plants is working beautifully. I find I’m still having to add or rearrange my flower beds….25 years into it!


Ben, your garden and your home is truly beautiful, and the cows are the icing on the cake. You have really cheered me up on a gloomy, wet, Welsh morning with a 3,000 assignment to finish (and start). Thank you!


A pure breath of fresh air

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