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9 June 2011
Ben Pentreath

This is my favourite new website of 2011.

Just try not to get addicted.

Click here for A perfect way to waste your Friday.

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Where’s your tubecrush photo, Ben? Can’t wait to read the comment…!


Tube crush,Great new site, Well done Ben.


Well obviously I am glad it is appreciated properly 😉


Oh Jeese stop being so boring…. a bit of harmless fun. For once in a while it’s nice to be able to ogle men for a change!!
I mean have you seen the ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt’ entry? swoon….


I know. He nearly made it on to our website.

Who knows, maybe we will set up ‘hottest customer of the week’ on BP Ltd?!


Must be a boy thing Ben! Nice to see them providing the eye candy for a change! Makes me (almost) wish I still lived in London…


Heheheh, well obviously I am with you on this one, Neil!


This seems creepy and weird. Why are you intruding on people as they just go about their private lives? Yuck.


Well – I can see I’ve obviously set off a bit of controversy here. I think it’s probably all meant harmlessly… but I take the point! Perhaps its time to take tubecrush down?


I think that those photos are intrusive – people should be allowed to lead their lives without being photographed and commented on.

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