Midsummer approaches

14 June 2011
Ben Pentreath

I find it hard to believe that in a week it is midsummer’s eve. How the year is flying. Can you cope?

At the weekend, a mad, lavish, manic party in Dorset, at a beautiful house further down the valley. Hundreds of revellers on the lawns, a fifteen minute fireworks display; a disco that (if I am entirely honest) I would have switched off if it had been on the radio. But we still had fun on the dance floor.

My friends Edward & Jane (who I was writing about only a week ago) came to stay, and Jane brought a bunch of flowers. Not any old bunch. Have you seen anything so beautiful, ever?  What is the difference between carnations and pinks? I am never sure.

Whatever it is, these are scented of cloves… quite extraordinary.  Jane was given four cuttings by an elderly neighbour in her last village; and from these four stems she has cultivated a six foot long hedge of carnations.

Which is rather what you need if you are to arrive at a house with such a beautiful present: the best I have received all year. They looked very fine in the soft grey light of my mantlepiece when I got home this evening.

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Ellen Spencersays:

Stunning blooms; also love the Poldi-Pezzoli postcard in it’s “frame”.


Carnations and Pinks all belong to the Dianthus family. Pinks usually have much shorter stems than Carnations. Sweet Williams also belong to the same family. I agree that yours look like Gran’s Fabourite, and the colour combination with the blue candles in the silver holders looks stunning.


wow factor!


Hi, these are pinks and they are probably a variety called “Gran’s Favourite”. I love the combination of aqua candles with the simple posy in your first picture. Brilliant website and blog. Thankyou

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