Sunshine and showers at the seaside

17 July 2011
Ben Pentreath

It’s been a strange weekend hasn’t it? I don’t know about you but I’m not really rating these summer storms very highly.  My garden is blown and soaked to bits.

But today, against all expectations of the weather forecast, the clouds parted. We drove down the coast to Lyme Regis and had a fantastic day. I’m not quite sure what it is that I like so much about English seaside towns in the summer, but I always leave more cheerful than when I arrive. We had a delicious simple lunch at the town mill bakery (check out Clive Cobb’s brilliant blog here) and had a good old mooch around the streets.

Back at home, it has started to pour again. Nothing else for it but to light a fire and curl up with the papers. I rather like the 1970s appearance of the photo that I took to prove that I’ve lit a fire IN JULY. What is going on here? But I hope you’ve had  a fine weekend whatever the weather!

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gwenn mulligansays:

I love those pillows!! Can you tell me anything about them?


Dear Gwenn they are suzani cushions. I’m afraid we don’t have any in stock at the moment but we do get them in the shop from time to time. Ben

Alison Ssays:

Makes me very happy to see my two favourite bloggers in conversation! Greetings from rather wet Loire valley. xx

Beautiful! Wait did I know you had that sofa? Aaah that’s totally the one I want. Love the boxy shape and the color!


The sofa is from my great friend Max Rollitt… perfection….

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