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8 August 2011
Ben Pentreath

…You were feeling a bit depressed by mindless violence in the London burbs tonight, you might enjoy this video for STA by Australian Film maker Rick Mereki, and staring Andrew Lees. Who also happens to be rather cute, I think we might all agree.  Can we enjoy that nice smile this summer? Um, yes we can!

Andrew, I think all of us at Ben P Ltd would quite like to travel the world with you.

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miranda alexandersays:

Dear Ben Pentreath, I am in LOVE with your blog. Inspiring or what? And you like all the things I do; freshly sharpened pencils, pink lustre , black and white stripes, Dorset (what you have done at the Parsonage is FAB), ferns, classical architecture, dahlias, and a dash of turquoise!
I also love sailors valentines, and found a great source in America called A la Maison au Musee. (other good stuff too). But they are only wholesale. Would you buy some??? Miranda


what a hottie!!!

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