Sicilian Baroque

11 September 2011
Ben Pentreath

It’s quite strange being back in London; soft, green and damp. If I show you some photographs of Sicily, do you know what I mean?

I don’t think life is going to be quite so interesting back at home. The final two photographs show the view from the little house we rented…. something I might miss for a while.

Although I must confess I’m quite happy being back in London. The beginning of September always has a feel of a new term about it. Time to start a new notebook and buy a new box of pencils? But for now, I’m just going to enjoy a lingering look back at the summer holiday, before we rush into autumn.

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Hm. I think I spy Noto as well! These are gorgeous. Thank you!

Loved looking at some of the architectural details, and the fibrous plaster decoration, just drawing it would be hard enough but creating it in three dimensions is tremendous!

I see the Piazza Duomo in Ortigia in your photograph. My top choice for the most glorious piazza in the world. I spend a couple of months eating, cooking, walking, blogging, writing and escaping the Vermont winter in Ortigia. Your photos make me wish I were there. thanks

ah, beautiful sicily. but september is definitely new notebook time which is quite exciting in itself!


The second photograph is quietly beautiful, and I also love the image of all the colourful, cheap and cheerful little cars. Never been to Italy – these images make me want to get there even more.

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