Autumn Parsonage

18 September 2011
Ben Pentreath

I drove down to Dorset late last night. It felt so good to be back at last. I woke to a morning of pouring rain, but this afternoon the clouds parted and brilliant autumn sunshine set the valley on fire.

The garden has gone mad. A storm blew the runner beans over. Nasturtiums and pumpkins are making their bid to take over the planet. And so on. I think for now I’m just going to leave it all in chaos. In a few weeks it will be time to get set for some serious clearing. But for now I’m liking the vibe.

Which is lucky – because I think I’m a bit to busy just now to make a time for clearing up.


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Beautiful as usual.


The dahlias are amazing! Your garden is bursting at the seams with beautiful abundance. All those lovely nasturiums to adorn a salad!

Deirdre McSharrysays:

Ben This is the way gardens should be and houses should have fantastical interiors as in the Palazzo you snapped. Let us have more fecundity, benign neglect and over abundance…I have just been at a Greek/Irish family wedding and it had some of that grandeur aligned with warmth and gorgeousness,let us have more… Deirdre

The zinnias look gorgeous in the autumn light!

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