My kind of afternoon…

6 November 2011
Ben Pentreath

It was a beautiful day yesterday in Dorset. My friend George is staying with his two boys, Wilfy and Barnaby. With a bit of help from George, they raked up all the leaves in the garden (while I fell fast asleep). The sun streamed into the house. In the afternoon it was time to sit by the fire, eat tea, and then watch the fireworks on the village green. Perfection on a plate.

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Gosh, the perfect day. Lots of those great, lazy, cozy afternoons this time of year.

A beautiful post. And I love the photos of you guys hanging out on the sofa and chairs. Gosh i want that sofa soooo bad. Very, very cute.


Your Christmas decorations in House and Garden are, for me, the best thing in this month’s edition. I really didn’t like the other two, minimalist and Victorian, or anything else, much. My own view is that only stuff from the garden…ivy, yew, box, rosemary, alium heads … should be used. Though I stoop to painting oak and bay leaves in copper paint. And actually I make a polarscape every year for my grandsons from cottonwool for icefloes and icecliffs, little white bears from Tesco and cooking foil for moon and stars. So I’m not quite the purist I like to imagine I am! But your house looked wonderful

What a perfect-looking afternoon indeed!

adore the photo of the country kitchen. a long table with mixed match chairs. love it.

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