Winter sunset

23 December 2011
Ben Pentreath

An extraordinary sky this evening, as drenching rain and storms cleared just at the close of the day. Then it was time for cake and mince pies by the fire with Mum and Dad; my friends Maggie, Roland and Will are stuck in traffic on the motorway but making steady progress. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas time!


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Ben, an old post, but I just have to comment–I love the contrast between the lowering, stormy sunsetting clouds outside, and your cozy, welcoming sitting room inside. Interesting how the flaming colors in the sunset are echoed by the colors in your cheerful fire. I am thoroughly enjoying working my way through your archives!!


Hi Ben, what a lovely room – I wish I could make my sitting room look so cosy! I have been searching for small but elegantly proportioned chairs just like the dark ones either side of your fireplace – where did you get them from? Thank-you. Marianne


Dear Marianne – the chairs are available from the shop! They are the ‘Noir Chauffeuse’ and I love them… Available in lots and lots of different linen colours.

Amazing sunsets……I was reminded of the scene in Gone With the Wind, when Atlanta is burning, and Scarlett and Rhett are leaving the city with Melanie in tow. The sky has these same russet colors…….beautiful. By the by, love your blog….


Hi Ben,

Where can you purchase the ‘Ikat style’ pleated lampshades from (in the UK) on your lovely blue & white vase lamps?

Many thanks


Dear Jon, I bought them from Robert Kime’s shop on Museum street, where they make them to order. Brilliant & beautiful. Ben


Same here! I was about to step out this afternoon (in Connecticut, US) and went to turn off the lights in a room I was passing and the lights weren’t on . . . just a beautiful sunset streaming in about 2 1/2 hours ago. So I went outside and the light was golden.

thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos and lovely garden… truly inspiration for me!

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