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24 December 2011
Ben Pentreath

It’s been a beautiful day in Dorset. We went for drives in the  Morris 1000. The sun is now setting along the valley. Maggie, Roland, Will and I have just a delicious lunch. Mags & Roland are off to Cornwall as we slip into a quiet afternoon listening to the carol service from Kings College.

My regret, as always, is not getting around to sending Christmas cards. Time was when this was something I got to, in time, with relish. But I think (as my friend George said the other day) this is just a period of our lives when Christmas cards are, just, not going to happen.

Looking back, I found this Christmas Alphabet, which I made in the winter of 1998, a few months before I moved to New York; in the days when I could draw (and had time to). A bottle of champagne to the first reader who emails me with a correct list of contents. B is for Book Room. D is for dusk. V is for View (of a Valley, in Wales).   The rest I must leave you to guess.

All answers on a postcard please, or better still on an email to, by the 6th January 2012.

Have a very very happy, peaceful Christmas. With love, from Ben

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Where did you buy the fabric on the chair (I assume) underneath the A to Z?


Dear David, the chair on the ottoman is from Colony Fabrics – but it’s very very sadly discontinued I am afraid. All best, Ben


Brilliant and enchanting, thank you for all of the boundless inspiration which you convey, Happy Christmas and may you have a fantastic New Year.


Ben, this is really stunning! It reminds me both of Pierre Le Tan and of Eric Ravilious. Congratulations and my best wishes for an inspirational New Year!


Thank you Sylvie! Happy New Year…!!!

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