London my beautiful city (2)

11 March 2012
Ben Pentreath

A little while ago, back last autumn, I took a walk across London on a sparkling October day.  I called that post London, beautiful city. A moment when I, for one, had a look again at this fantastic place that surrounds us and which we live in.

Today felt like the first day of spring, and London again came out to play. Who could believe the warmth in the sun? I meandered across Bloomsbury to Marylebone with my friend James, watching the light slanting softly across stone and brick facades… one of the happiest days I’ve had in a long time.

I suppose a morning like this was destined to be fun, when I found a tiny red mini parked at a jaunty angle outside the front door, and it carried on getting, well, better. The anticipation of spring fills one with hope.  Oh, and you will be glad to hear that my sport car envy has moved on from a Kelly green Porche to a midnight blue Merc. All for the best in 2012.


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I love to see the photos of Europe. Been there a long time ago so it brings back memories. Thanks.

Having been rather sniffy about your puke green Porsche, I have to urge you to please ignore these comments about the Merc…it’s a terrific car, of the highest quality. That’s why you see so many urbane people driving them around London- they were built to last. Ok, during the 80’s they were a bit flash (Bobby Ewing’s red example, springs to mind), but re-sprayed metallic grey, and with the pagoda hardtop roof kept on, they’re suddenly extremely smart and very grown up. Classic example of a design improving with age. We’re thinking of getting one ourselves for a drive across France this Summer…

Jo in NZsays:

Oh my.

I never miss London! But these photos…


Don’t know why I had the cheek to say ‘its not you’…don’t even know you!
Glad we are agreed tho….Ladies car.


Oh Ben I dont think that Merc is you. As much as I hate gendering objects it’s always been a ‘ladies’ car for me. Or maybe a German playboy?!…. I prefer your Morris!


It is a ‘ladies’ car – you’re right – but there was something about the dark blue and the hard top that made it… just about okay…

Lovely…makes me want to get to London even sooner!


Great pictures. That’s what I wished I was doing yesterday if only I hadn’t been working!

I have just posted my local weekend walk too, but you know what, it just can’t compete with yours. However, I think the sunshine, and the emerging blossom gave everybody such a great feeling.

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