Spring stirring

21 March 2012
Ben Pentreath

It’s been a busy two days in the office and I haven’t had time to post a few photographs since getting back from Dorset.

It was a sparkling happy weekend of sunshine and showers; I’m back down again there late tonight and in between meetings left right and centre will be spending as much time as I can in the garden.

Bulbs are coming everywhere; first early potatoes are in, and have you seen anything as beautiful as the extraordinary pink stems of rhubarb in the forcers? No, you have not!




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Elizabeth Barrsays:

A question about the lovely fence around your vegetable garden: does it keep out deer? The deer at my island in Lake Ontario are good jumpers (no better, I’m sure, than their English cousins). How high is your fencing?
Sincerely, Nibbled in the North


Dear Elizabeth – there are deer around and about at the Parsonage but so far they’ve never tried to jump into the vegetable garden; I think more because they would feel a little overlooked than because the fence is high enough to keep them out. If I had a deer problem I would definitely need to raise the fence – perhaps with a more open woven trellis of hazel poles, or training climbing plants or espaliered trees along wires?

Only a month until I return from 15 years in Australia to the Dorset of which you write. ( know – I sound like a convict of old). Your photos make my heart weep with yearning.

I agree with Mrs. Sutton, your house and garden in Dorset are dreamy. I love looking at your photos and keeping up with your adventures in Dorset. I also adore the look of your store. I would love to visit next time I am in London. And, yes the pink of the rhubarb stems is stunning. I would love to incorporate that color into my house. Happy gardening.


It only seems like yesterday I recall that you were talking about bulbs you were planning for this season and already, its here, can’t wait to see them in full spring glory. Love the photo of the sprouting potatoes, are those hyacyinths called woodstock?

Great pics i like this garden design… Maybe iam do in my own garden 🙂 I like your blog……..

Sue Robinsonsays:

Where did you buy your rhubarb forcers?


Dear Sue, the forcers came from Hibbitts who I wrote about the other day… here…

I don’t think that I have ever been in love with a house and garden as much as I am with yours in Dorset – and having moved fairly recently, no, my husband will NOT be best pleased to hear me say that! Breathtaking as always.


Dear Mrs Sutton. THank you!! Let’s hope he doesn’t read the blog. Or at least the comments…



We wait with baited breath for the bulb color combinations and trust we won’t be disappointed,as yours are popping up we in Aust. are planting and hoping!have now been inspired to actually use the rhubarb forcer instead of treating it as apiece of ‘sculpture’


Excellent! All best, Ben

So lovely to experience without the haze of pollen that develops like a sandstorm in the southeast USA. Thank you!

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