Any colour so long as it’s black?

22 April 2012
Ben Pentreath

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve got a bit of a thing for black tulips. Queen of the Night, Black Parrot, Black Hero. Well, to be honest, for all tulips of all colours. As a result things were beginning to look pretty hectic down in Dorset this weekend.

I’m afraid that I didn’t get very organised last autumn when it came to thinking about wallflowers. So there is a bit of something missing compared to this time last year, but it’s good to see the borders filling out dramatically by comparison.  And I’m not sure that the crazy clashing tulips don’t make up for  it?

I’ve been running around a bit too much I think at the moment – a feeling you know, I wonder? This weekend I hit the buffers and had to head to bed for 36 hours. All told, not a bad thing to do, but I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to a few days off in the Lake District next week…

Happy Spring!

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Garden envy is a terrible thing (and my scissors are twitching in the workbox..) – I had the parrot tulips in the very same colour, but they haven’t materialised this year. Looks fabulous Ben.

LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I will happily follow.
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Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at


O dear , such beauties, my red parrots are just coming out but must get the black ones next year. Think tulips are just the best, teasing with a hint of colour before they open, beautiful when open and I even love them when they start to fade away. Lovely.


Your garden inspires me – I love tulips too – some came up really well this year – but some I had put in a 2 years a go look very sad. Do you have any tips for year on year good blooms?


Dear Ian – I think it’s a question of planting them quite deep and then adding lots every year. Sadly I don’t think they last for ever! I buy in bulk from Parker’s Wholesale which means you can get plenty without breaking the bank…

All best, Ben

gorgeous!! my sister-in-law has worn a nailpolish the colour of your tulips and it’s incredible how timeless it is…20 years now, but it still works.

So B-E-Autiful, Black parrot tulips!!! I lust after them and am sharply jotting down in my garden notebook to add to autumn planting wishlist, and the little primula’s pretty delicious too

Lovely! My parents are returning today from a week long tulip tour in Holland, cannot wait to see their photos

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