Happy times are here again

1 June 2012
Ben Pentreath

Of all the photos that have filled our papers and screens of the Queen, I can’t help but love this one taken by Patrick Lichfield in 1971. ¬†Inspiration!

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I saw an exhibition of Litchfield’s work at Yale and it was a delight- one of my favourite snaps of HM as well.


Ben, I agree wholeheartedly – this is also my favourite picture of the Queen – so relaxed and SO stylish – just makes me smile every time I see it. Maudie x

It is lovely to see the Queen so obviously relaxed and enjoying herself without having to worry about the public or their cameras. Patrick was obviously in a special situation coming from within the royal circle.

Deirdre McSharrysays:

Patrick was the most charming and beguiling photographer, trust Patrick- much missed- to take such a natural snap of HMQ, with happy memories of his work, as ever, Deirdre



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