Jubilee Hall

3 June 2012
Ben Pentreath

What is that splash of vivid red I spied out of my bedroom window when I woke up early this morning? Hmm. I was not particularly thrilled that the black poppies I’ve ordered have all come out today – and appear to be bright scarlet! But what is not great for the borders here at the Old Parsonage is strangely rather appropriate for the Jubilee weekend.  A red-white-and-blue flower arrangement (the first and last time, I suspect, that that will ever happen) in a rather rare Ravilious Coronation mug – one that never got the pink and yellow decoration.

Anyway, I feel this is what the well-dressed hallway is wearing this weekend.

So, Happy Jubilee! The weather has been a little stormy in Dorset but the sun is on the brink of shining for our village lunch (pictures may follow) and we’re hoping for a fantastic turn out for the huge Jubilee fireworks party we’re putting on in the village tomorrow! All tickets sold out!!  Have a great celebration with love from all at Ben P towers.


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And snap to a garden full of scarlet, which ought to have been more subdued (coral and pink in my case). Ho hum, means the whole place is in jubilee mode so that is fine though

I watched the coverage of the flotilla on CNN and BBC yesterday and I loved it. So much history! Hard to believe she has been Queen for 60 years! I loved all the old photos of her that they showed. Enjoy your jubilee celebration and yes, please include photos


As a home sick Brit, living in Chicago, I am looking for the “(pictures may follow)”………Please?


yes! Will try and get some up tomorrow, after the fireworks this evening!

Ali Wigdorsays:

Been to the village hall jubilee picnic lunch with fancy dress hat competition, raided the ribbon and diamonte brooch stashes(our village hall is bigger),met lost of people havn’t seen for ages, home for some hot tea, killer idea for the Queen to be in white,to village pub to support barbecue p, met a different crowd of villagers, home for coffee and your reply. Tomorrow classic car rally in Blubelle Morris Minor, so hope you will take yours out for a spin,
Good night
Ali Wigdor.


Oh man it’s a parallel universe out there!!! Ben

Ali Wigdorsays:

ALMOST SNAP!! Blow me down with a jubilee feather! We have almost the same hall table, a bigger mirror and I said the same thing to myself yesterday as I rushed around the garden looking for the first and last time red, white and blue flowers,red roses, oxeye daises and catmint!


Dear Ali! Excellent – great minds think alike!! Happy Jubilee, Ben

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