11 June 2012
Ben Pentreath

I hope you didn’t get too drenched on your way to work this morning. London is soaking. For those of our readers overseas, I know we have a reputation for being grey rainy London; so needless to say I love (being me) to point out such useful statistics as London’s average yearly rainfall: 601mm; while Rome is 834mm, and Sydney 1175mm.  The fact is, it doesn’t rain so often in London (although the skies are rather often grey). I could even rattle out this drivel during the Royal Jubilee washout.

But this week, Ben Pentreath Ltd is putting all statistics in the bin and we’re officially going to complain about the F**KING weather.

A good thing then that on Saturday evening I booked my trip to Italy this summer, a good way to liven up a dank Monday morning:


I was down in Dorset this weekend and went a bit mad in the garden. Time to give the borders a massive clear out.

After which calm could be restored and the compost heap has a lot more stuff on it.

Did I mention that it rained for most of the day? I used to convince myself it was good for the garden. It is, of course. But it’s not very good for my mood right now.

Sweet peas, roses, calendula just coming into flower; broad beans nearly ready, and artichokes coming.

It should be feeling like summer.  But I can’t say it does. Roll on Italy.


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I know I’m so late commenting on all these posts. But I had to say that I love the allium and hosta combination and will likely institute it in my own garden. I planted a similar allium (Mt. Everest) within my peony allee and it just did not work. What I really need there is a big impressive ball-type to compete amid all the Paeonia madness. Anyway. All this is interesting only to me. Thank you for the inspiration. Oh and the lupines. I’m going to add more lupines to my borders. Definitely.


By the way is your sweet pea Matucana – the most beauiful perfume ? We have that one and it’s definitely my favourite. ps weather no better but the flowers seem to be loving it .

Oh my! Such ethereal pictures. What a magical garden. I haven’t planted sweet peas since I lived in Oregon and what a treat to see some blooming on the trellis! So glad I stopped by


Here’s the thing, in England the rain is soft and fluffy and drifts on a bit, in Sydney it buckets down so you can hardly drive your car then it’s over till the next bucketing.Don’t know which is better!

Beautiful borders, crap rain, saucy profanity and gorgeous Italy – you’ve covered it all in this post – absolutely marvelous!


We were in Port Soller (lovely)in that hot week here so a tad fed up. Have not had a chance to enjoy an evening in the garden with something cold enjoying the flowers yet. The nights start drawing in soon, not fair ………


Great pics! Where are you going in Italy?

*sigh* Thank you Ben for the dreamy pictures. Much as I love Tuscany, I am trying to put all thoughts of getting away OUT of my head this summer, as I have recently become a gallery owner myself and can’t quite leave my precious new ‘baby’ for too long. However drenched your garden was, it reminded me just how beautiful, lush and verdant our own countryside is. Keep posting the wonderful pics.

As an Australian living in London, I so agree with your statistics. I have always said it rains more in Sydney than here! But enough is enough … we do need some sun here in old Blighty! So we are off to Greece in July and August for a real summer! Your garden is looking wonderful Ben … enjoy Italy 🙂

Hi Bro, I’m reliably informed that from the 20th June onwards it’s going to be lovely in the UK!

Just to add to the gloom, I heard on the radio this morning the Met Office says ‘to write off June as a summer month’…. And, having just got back from a week in (mostly) scorchio Tuscany, I can confirm you’ve made the right choice!

Louise Reasays:

Oh what a mixture of scenes! The hot languid Italian countryside – I could just see myself sitting on the lovely cushions on that wall and reading a book, with the heat of the day building up until its just too much and I have to take shelter in the shade with an ice cold drink. And then again – my lovely Dorset, where my mother lives, with its mist and rain and our cold noses and stinging fingers as we clear the garden (that was my weekend too!) – then coming in to a nice warm house with a hot bath and home made soup, a roast dinner in June, and a nice bottle of red….what a dilemma!!

Thank you for that dose of Italy, it is the perfect antidote to the June monsoon!

beautiful images thank you ben, and best regards Sarah and I go tot italy myself to gargonza in july for two weeks to escape the olympic madness !

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