Apres moi, le deluge…

9 July 2012
Ben Pentreath

…or in the case of the Bride Valley this weekend, après le deluge, le soleil. A massive rainstorm swept through the valley yesterday; water poured off the hills, the River Bride burst its banks, and the low lying villages were flooded out.

We were a bit luckier, although I’m not sure I’ve seen so much rain ever. Yesterday, thank goodness, broke bright and clear; and glorious sunshine (at last) baked the wind-and-rain-swept garden. I walked over to some neighbours for lunch and marvelled at the vivid green landscape. Even if the summer is made of snatched days like these, there is something rather amazing about England in the full blown leaf of July.

(normally a road… today a stream)

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Ben, your photos always transport me – would you mind confirming which Lumix camera you take them with (assuming it is generally the same camera) ?


Dear Amy, my camera is a Lumix DMC-TZ10, it’s a very simple point and shoot but I love it!


These newly introduced for summer 2012 “stream roads” are great fun for cycling down, especially as almost all other forms of traffic have given up on them!

Wow, love the garden pictures. My fav is the one where the sun is just slightly starting to peek out. x

Thanks for the interesting post! I’ve really enjoyed the information that has been shown throughout the text in addition to the images that showed. For us of us who are dedicated to the architecture and design we love share and communicate our work with groups and people who have this passion in common. Thanks again for such wonderful post!

i,m pretty sure the chintz is an old George Spencer design might be worth asking them.


Dear Joe if it is, that’s the best intelligence I’ve ever had! Makes the whole blog worthwhile…!


What wonderful photos – capturing the lushness of warmth and rain. So important to capture these things to remind ourselves during the long winter months. I MUST take more photos. Thanks for the inspiration.
Ben – what camera do you use etc – do tell the way you go about this – when you have time that is.


Dear Barbara, thanks – the camera is just a little Panasonic Lumix. Very trusty!!

what is that gorgeous maroon tree in the photo with the house?


The tree is a copper beech!


A shaft of sunlight comming through a petty window into a pretty room…….heaven!

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