Deserted London…

30 July 2012
Ben Pentreath

Did you ever see (Sir) Danny Boyle’s film ’28 Days Later’? The brilliant opening sequence as the hero walks across Westminster Bridge to find he is the only person alive in London…. Well, I won’t say that London is entirely deserted… but it is a bit of a ghost town out there.

Where have all the people gone? I just had a meeting down by Buckingham Palace. I was expecting the worst… I had heard the radio this morning saying “It’s going to be the worst day yet… London transport creaking at the seams… as spectators and commuters meet for the first time”. Um, hello?

I cycled down Shaftesbury Avenue and for about 2 minutes my bike was the ONLY vehicle on the road. Nothing else. At 12 noon on a Monday morning.  This is unheard of.  A few groups of vacant-eyed tourists wandering like zombies around Chinatown.

It would be fascinating to know the population of London at this precise moment. I think everyone’s escaped.

London Olympic City

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Paul, I dont think it’s appropriate trying to advertise off the back of someone else’s work.

Hello Tina,

Now I read this- I remember it happened in Sydney during the Olympics too. A massive build up in the media of the chaos to come and then… everyone went away. And it was quiet and lovely and gorgeous golden weather and it was so quick and easy to get to work. It was great.

Gaby grosvenorsays:

Bendors blog says exactly the same !!
Hope not too many people read u both !!
It is bliss.

I guess it is not going to stay like that for long. As soon as the Olympics are over it will be busy as it used to be

I’m still here! Bond Street eerily quiet too, we must be one of the only galleries still open!


I’m loving it! Driving is far less stressful and I don’t have to get up so early! Brilliant.


Your right london is empty ! The roads, the tubes and the buses all empty. Its great and SO quiet !

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