Dahlia Time…

10 September 2012
Ben Pentreath

Regular readers of this post will know I’ve got a bit of a thing about dahlias, which you can read here, or here or indeed here (that was a nice trip down September memory lanes for me).  There’s something about them, and I’m not sure what it is, that I am in love with – the rich, saturated intensity of colours, the fantastic shapes.

This year hasn’t been quite such an amazing showing of dahlias in my garden – I think owing to lack of attention rather than anything else I can blame (I guess I have had a bit going on) but they did suddenly come into their own when I was in Dorset last weekend.  And it was very nice to bring a bunch or two back to London.  Where they looked quite at home. Heaven in a vase.


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Dahlias are flowers I have never considered growing but after seeing your pictures I will be trying next season. I think they’re lovely!

Margaret Powlingsays:

Dalias are the blowsy barmaids of the horiticultural world, aren’t they? Love ’em or hate em, but you can’t ignore ’em! (With apologies to barmaids as I’m sure they’re not all blowsy!) I didn’t use to like them, and they were certainly out of fashion for decades, but now I have fallen for their brashness – almost bought some yesterday but I’d already bought four bunches of freesias (for their delicious scent) and today have bought some very, very dark purple and deep red gladioli (again, out of fashion but very elegant flowers).

You can’t beat Dahlias for their intense colour, this year i grew Love-Lies-Bleeding with mine, a wonderful combination in a vase, Sarah Raven is a great place to purchase good sized tubers from.


i love them too. it’s nearly time to plant them in oz & i’m so excited!!

I have a dinner plate 9inch flower in our garden in Westminster. It looks like one of those Woolworth paper Christmas ball decorations which you used to open out from flat. Its very hard to take a bloom like that seriously. The miracle is apparently no crawlies in it as that is the great problem of a jug of Dahlias, they look stunning and then you see its inhabitants investigating your table top.

I adore them too! Really stunning, I will definitely try to grow some next year. Your garden is amazing and a real inspiration!

Frances Kassamsays:


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