Fleeting moments

8 October 2012
Ben Pentreath

I arrived down in Dorset yesterday and had my friend Mary over for a great lunch and a long chat. But after she left, for a walk down the valley with friends, I went to bed and fell fast asleep. You know that sort of blissful, deep afternoon sleep that you hadn’t been expecting but evidently needed? ¬†That sort of sleep.

I woke up just as the sun was setting. Something about the brilliance of the light combined with my slightly sleep-curdled brain to mean my focus was quite myopic for a while, literally and figuratively. I could only concentrate on the small details extraordinary shadows and sunshine that for that brief moment played through every room of the Parsonage.

So I am afraid that’s all this blog is about. Small fleeting moments. Something that belongs especially to this time of year, and to warm, bright, October afternoons, which before we know it will be departed.

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I think I may have said that another post was my favorite, but, no, this one is. This one’s my favorite. This is universal and true. It’s how people who really see, see the world. So important. I feel bad for people who don’t see things this way.

Charmant! I have spent ages trying to capture the dancing shadows of my clematis on my olive green sitting room walls and the prisms scattered across the wall by my Grandmothers ancient Venetian mirror. This post encapsulates those moments, when you are lost in the moment.

Absolutely beautiful photographs of an Autumnal afternoon with the soft afternoon sunlight. The photographs capture the Parsonage beautifully. I have the same shells in my bathroom!


This message was not accepted on the blog as a one word comment,hopefully there are enough typed words now to simply say the one word which sums your sleepy afternoon light-filled photos as; magical!

Margaret Powlingsays:

Great atmospheric pix! Wish we had some of that October sunshine right now – it’s to be savoured, as today it wall to wall rain.

Ryan V.says:

This is why I keep coming back to your blog. Eagerly awaiting your book, which should arrive in the mail any day. -Washington, DC


Afternoon naps, waking up to beautiful light…thanks for sharing.

Jill Rowesays:

Absolutely beautiful!

Kevin Kornegaysays:

Lovely photographs! Thank you for sharing them.

A beautiful light in a gorgeous house. Thanks for pictures and words, for me as a gift today that is my birthday. I love the sunny days of October!

Up here on the North Norfolk coast we too had a day to remember as for us too, the day was warm, the light was sharp and the shingle bank at Salthouse provided us with our afternoon nap.

Robert Rowandsays:

I too lay on my bed after a long lunch, in order to read the Weekend FT, but went out like a light! Warmer here in Johannesburg at this time of year.

Jane Nsays:

I recognised the wonderful red currant design on the tureen in the second shot from the top. I have a large serving plate from the dinner service. I had an idea it was Wedgwood but can’t remember why I thought this. I’d love to hear if you know more about the design and maker ? I have never seen more of it until now.


Well, I think it might be Wedgwood too, but I never know these things! Mine has no mark or stamp to speak of. I have seen it around and about once or twice, once where the currants were in purple, where was that? We need an expert!!

Jenny Msays:

What a special time of the day you have captured….love the light reflecting on the leadlight window.


Lovely, poetic post.


those photos are so beautiful. thanks for sharing.

Louise Reasays:

So beautifully written…I was transported back to those rare moments when I’ve been able to have an afternoon nap, in peace and quiet, when it seems as if the world is taking a little break from it usual crazy routine and takes a reflective sigh! And then your photographs… They are wonderful! It really feels like I am there, in the photos… late afternoon light, long shadows and the remnants of warmth from an October sun. Thank you, that’s set my Monday morning up.

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