20 January 2013
Ben Pentreath

There’s a proper blog here, for those that are interested (and thank you for your interesting comments, already)…

But we can’t let the snow pass by without saying how much we love snow, can we?  Dorset is beautiful in the snow, of course, but nothing beats the first few hours of a snowfall in London. And particularly on a Sunday.

I changed a few plans to come back on Saturday, in between the snow that had swept over Dorset and that which was threatening to fall over London. An added bonus was a happy birthday party that night to go to.

My apartment shone this morning with a rather etherial light. Looking out of the balcony, and just drinking my morning coffee, it was hard to believe that I hadn’t been transported to Stockholm.  Bliss.

(please note: no more cluster. Please also note – I am not about to paint the room orange. That was a passing idea, and not the best one).

But recovering from what crept up on me as a rather more severe hangover than I had anticipated (when I first got up this morning I felt fine… one of those…) I knew that despite my better intentions to stay in bed all day, I had to head to west Bloomsbury to truly appreciate the snow in the city. Bedford Square (a favourite, as regular readers of this blog will recall) was breathtakingly beautiful.

I think what I love most of all about the snow is the desaturation; the absence of colour; grey upon grey, black, brown, olive green and white. And thank god, of course, that postboxes and telephone booths are painted red.

I am sure in a day or two we will be cursing the snow, so let’s remember that we loved it when it first fell. Well, at least, I did.

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How absolutely lovely. I used to live in Bloomsbury many moons ago, it was a wonderful time. I also spent some time working there (in the VAT Tribunal, south side of Bedford Square). Is the Shipping Forecast list available at your emporium?


We had a wonderful tour of Bedford Square in June last year, during London Open Square weekend. Really beauiful pictures.

Janet Wheatcroftsays:

Isn’t it funny how people in snow automatically look like Breugel figures? I was is Uppsala when it snowed once, and all the shops had candle lanterns hanging outside. It was magical.

Deby (in Canada)says:

Oh Ben, another lovely album of photos… thank you for sharing the experience with us- I know we are responsible for our own hangovers! Every time this week I need reminding of beauty I have come back to these quiet pictures.
Anytime I needed a huge laugh I have gone here
I love the small flashes of colours in both sets of pictures.

Charlotte Starlingsays:

I love the Shipping Forecast print in your hall – is it available from your shop?!


Gorgeous pictures- Bedford Square looks stunning ….. and a very nice green chair next to the chimney piece. Is it from BP Towers?


Sandy… it is! Link here

All best, B

I is only a day or two and am cursing the snow; not for being here, but for its slow demise. I have enjoyed three days of tobogganing (with half a day sourcing a new sled after hitting a hefty snowman at speed) with my three year old. I think I enjoyed it more than him. The sled runs on the hills are fading fast so we need more. Please email me any surplus snow you may have!


I was hoping you would post some snow pictures. I was expecting Dorset-in-the-snow but am delighted by London-in-the-snow. I love walking through cities as the snow is first falling when it is still pristine and not marred by too many footsteps.

Those lamp posts are to die for. The snow suddenly shows you something that has been there all along but you havent seen properly before


The light that a fall of snow brings is captivating. It enhances every landscape. I am suppose to be painting the rather haunting, melancholy landscape of Holy Island but am forced by driving blizzards to cosset myself by a blazing fire in an old Fisherman’s cottage making rough sketches and catching up on your past blogs. All is calm in my world!

I agree, I am loving the monochromatic world too, everything looks so light too with the snow. Can I ask what the colour is on your walls in the hallway on the stairs? what a beautiful green that is, I am very envious.

Philip Krabbesays:

Great pictures as usual – I could also spot a house or two where I would love to live. Just came home from holiday on Bali
and I don’t think I would swap with our changing seasons – its just here in Denmark the winter is too long for my taste!
But snow does make a beautiful scenery especially when new and crisp!

Lovely, and the complete opposite of my day today in Southern California. I spent the day making marmalade and enjoying the sunshine.


So lovely – I could physically feel the snow silence in the photos. It was a treat to see London in the snow – my visits from the U.S. have been in April and November thus far. I so enjoy your blog and look forward to it each day. Thank you!

Lisa (Los Angeles, CA)says:

Just lovely Ben… gave me such a feeling of peace looking at these shots. It’s hot and sunny here in California today so life is buzzing and active here. The sun is nice but having the restfulness of winter can be a really nourishing thing each year… I wouldn’t mind a quiet snowy day here. Thanks for the great pics!

Janie Marshallsays:

Quite apart from being the most beautiful photographs taken in a most beautiful square there is hardly a car to be seen…..wonderful!

The desaturation of colour, yes, but also the effect on sound. I remember a heavy late afternoon fall of snow in Barnes several millennia ago. Venturing out, it was like walking inside a bell jar – every sound so ringing and pitch perfect.

Talking of pitch perfect, your photographs reminded me of Fitzroy Square. I used to live around the corner from it and it was there that I discovered the wonderful singing voices of London Planes. I would love to have been able to see old FS in the snow yesterday.

Margaret Powlingsays:

The loveliest snow pictures I’ve seen in a very long time, Ben! I felt to be there, the crisp cold, the quiet – except for the children snowballing! Truly beautiful.

I am loving my monochromatic world at the moment. The larder is well stocked, and the home is cosy and warm. However, as soon as the novelty wears off, I know that I shall be dreaming of the spring.

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