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6 February 2013
Ben Pentreath

that particular vote passed.. and, yes, I’m happy. Now it’s on to the next stages in Parliament, and doubtless lots more arguments, so I am afraid I can expect a few more months of little plastic men photos in the press, but there we go.

Phew! Reading some of the very heartfelt comments on my last blog has changed my views a little bit; I can see that words are really important, and if you’re keen to be married as opposed to being Civilised Partners (anyone? – have I just coined a phrase?), well – I for one really wouldn’t dream of stepping in your way.

It’s been interesting reading so many comments and I’m grateful for everyone for writing. I’m actually always grateful for every comment on this blog, but none more so on an issue like this one; and I’m particularly grateful that everyone manages to stay kind and thoughtful at the same time as expressing strongly held belief.

I’m also very happy that my Dad appears to be a rapidly growing internet sensation. Who knew? For all those Captain Pentreath admirers out there, here’s another snap from my little photo album. That was the little photo album my Mum made me when I first went off to stay at boarding school, at an age that these days would be considered a bit young, but at the time, no problem. Anyway, I’ve kept that little album with me ever since, to New York and back.

Elaine, the one of the left is for you… And it’s true to say that my Mum and Dad really are inspiration to me, every day of the week.

Normal service will resume next week. (Have you been chitting your seed potatoes, for instance? Yes, I am sure you have).

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Dashing indeed. I like the fact that, from your previous post, I had a similar wedding to your parents a couple of years ago. Married at 2pm, champagne afternoon tea, all done by 6 o’clock and my husband and I went down the pub where he bought me a fish finger sandwich.

Philip Krabbesays:

Ben it must be so fantastic – succes with your business, your shop and your (fantastic) book and your blog. Did you ever anticipate how many fans you would get. All of us strangers out there who love everything (well almost) you do and also love to read your very inspirational blog. Its like opening the Christmas calendar as a child every time you make a new post – and as you can see it interests a lot of people out there. The strange power of the Internet BEN we love you! ;-))


Ben, your parents look very much in love, both in the older snaps & the newer ones. What a lovely thing! Your dad reminds me very of a young Dickie Mountbatten,circa late 20’s. Quite fitting for a navy man,eh?

Janelle McCullochsays:

The top 3 comments are hilarious…
He does look vaguely like Richard Gere in An Officer And A Gentleman…


Dear Ben,
I won’t be writing too much about gay marriage, as here in Belgium we use this definition since 2003. I m 26, so it’s a very old story to me.
I just wanted to thank you for your kind note on my very own issue of BP English Decoration. It’s now on my night table, and I actually read it ! 😉 It was a real pleasure to visit your nice shop on monday and it was like I already visited it before, as I m an avid and regular reader of your blog, since few months now. I was sick at home, I read all your posts.
I wanted to buy everything and I m happy with what I got. I also have the feeling my boyfriend bought my Saint-Valentin’s gift from your shop, can’t wait for February 14.
Encore merci ! J.D


Well done Ben. I really admire you taking the time to understand where your readers were coming from on this issue and responding as you have. I had become quite blasé about the whole gay marriage debate but I felt very moved by your contributors and they really made me think again. Living in London one ends up in a very cosy bubble surrounded by people who are progressive and open-minded so it’s easy to forget it’s not the same everywhere. Nice to see your wonderful and entertaining blog can also look at big important & heartfelt issues like this.
Finally cake toppers. I’m not as against them as you are – my only excuse is that planning a big day makes one a bit soppy (well, why not?) At our civil partnership we had a cake with figures of TinTin and Captain Haddock on top – dressed as astronauts on a cake iced to look like the moon. It proved a great talking point and the kids at the celebration loved it.


Thanks Kevin. I’ve decided I could just about cope with Lego people. B xx

Deby (in Canada)says:

Oh dear… why does anyone get married?


I would just like to share with the world the news that the mayor of Versailles, who is also its MP, got his fingers, thumbs and heavens knows what else in a twist and voted “par erreur” to ALLOW gay marriage. He is the talk of the town with the antis screaming blue murder and the pros laughing themselves silly at his expense. He must have used the Freudian voting slip…

Lucy Claytonsays:

I think the technical term for your father is DASHING.


Your mum looks cracking fun, too, Ben!


Your dad is so hot Ben

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