Walking the High Line

25 March 2013
Ben Pentreath

— New York triple billing! (for previous editions click here and here) —

Oh man! What’s the best thing thats happened to New York since I left?!? (please, excuse the pun).

The High Line. Regular readers will recall my blog a couple of years ago now about this extraordinary new park (which explains a bit about the history of the Highline), but last week Valentina took Maggie and me for a stroll up there… the first time I’d been. I couldn’t wait to visit…

It doesn’t need a lot of words. A beautifully designed and detailed landscape; intelligent transitions between railway tracks and pathways and furniture and planting at every turn; this place is a landscape architect’s wet dream. (I’m not sure I’m allowed to write that in a family newspaper, but you know what I mean). It’s absolutely, totally, superb.

If I had one fault… it’s not quite long enough. Which luckily is being rectified in the next year or so.

It’s so SO exciting to see such a random, distant vision exploding into real technicolour life. And even more exciting to walk the streets of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, in the sky… a whole new perspective. To me, it’s more about the views out than in.

Now we all love NYC even more.

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Beautiful Photos. Congratulations on a really interesting blog.

It must be great to walk there and enjoy the view of the city from above.


I grew up in NYC and in recent years when I’ve gone back I’ve always made a point to walk the length of the High Line as its been developed and extended. Looks like there are already some new things in that area since just May when I was last there.

Its a great addition to the city and so interesting to watch the transformation of that area. Such a change from the late 80s when it was daring to go over there at night to hit the latest clubs!

Taking our children to New York in a couple of weeks and if we do nothing else we shall walk the length of this splendid garden! Fab photographs.


The 12th picture from the top of a huge building is where Martha Stewart has her vast offices. Elevators in the building were designed to carry trucks which would pick up goods from the many manufacturers who were tenants there back in the day. The elevators are still there and, I understand, in use.

I think your readers would be interested in the origins of the High Line. Only in New York! And thanks again for featuring my City this week. It’s great to see it through your eyes

deby (in Canada)says:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful two part holiday… every bit of it looked and sounded great.

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