Classical Hipsters

17 June 2013
Ben Pentreath

Thanks to the lovely people over at Tinsmiths for drawing these rather clever pictures to our attention, which I suspect are doing the rounds on the internet. Classical… Modern (for those who were wondering what that meant?!).  From Leo Caillard, photographer – check out his wonderful photographs here, and Alexis Persani. Superb. I’m looking forward to my trip to Rome even more this summer.

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Love the addition of fashion—wonderful post for fashion week in NYC!


Breathtaking! (winky face)

Sarah Fortescuesays:

A marble statue made super hot by the clothes it wears! Excellence


Whereas often classical sculpture can appear remote and cold, the dressing of the figures in casual modern attire makes the viewer sit up and take more notice, examine the physiognomy, investigate their humanity. I’d also like to see them in sportswear, historical costume, and national dress!


Superbly done, to be sure. I have to say, though, that there is a part of me that finds this sort of thing somewhat immature and sacrilegious. I suppose that’s what good art sets out to achieve….the hope of creating tension; the possibility that one could love and hate something concurrently.

Nicola Barriesays:

So clever and so beautiful…. Somehow, the ‘clothes on’ brings out the beauty and character of the sculptures. Look at the muscle definition in some of the photos, especially the first and sixth. I keep popping back to the look at them. Thank you!

How great …the simplest ideas are always the best and have such impact…I bet the huge fashion houses will be using this soon .. Love it Cheers Susan


A big hug from me to you, for making me laugh on a Monday evening. You WILL have a fantastic time in Rome.

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