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2 July 2013
Ben Pentreath

You haven’t yet seen or heard of Mr James Kingston.

I don’t know about you, but I suffer from horrific vertigo.  I really should be a designer of bungalows.  So, it was particularly troubling and yet deeply compelling to watch James’s videos, which I think are some of the most incredible things I’ve seen in 2013. Thank god I like to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Click here…

Insane. Just a small taster.

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is that a Morris motor? my father had a specially made Morris Oxford that he had shipped to the US with a left-hand drive. we loved that car.

Miranda alexandersays:


What an odd hobby! I was rather expecting him to let go altogether and plunge into the bay (river?) below. Next time?


Love this; reminds me of my husband, an adrenaline addict. Sooo much fun to be married to. At 46 he still likes to show our five children how to back flip off of a diving board; likes to do hand- stands on precipices, to repel of off buildings, extreme ski, etc. Best dad in the world…makes our life an adventure (which it really should be).


I am scared to death of heights but I live in a high rise building and I used to torment myself by climbing up to the top of the tower cranes on the high rise construction projects I worked on. However, I kept myself limited to the ladder, I didn’t go out on the edge or dangle like that! That is crazy!


I had a rush of blood to the knees watching this? Is that a normal response? I wasn’t even watching it on full screen. Very dramatic. BTW have fun at your street party tonight. I won’t be able to come – tailors threw a strop 🙁


That scaffolder outside your window has a lot to answer for!


Ben, we rely on you for nice pictures, not beastly shock horror. Had to put my hand over the screen ’til I was calmer! Don’t do it again…please. Scott P

Lisa (Los Angeles, CA)says:

Thanks for sharing this, Ben. Just the reminder I needed… I keep forgetting, life’s an adventure! It’s supposed to be fun.

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