Dear Ben Pentreath…

30 July 2013
Ben Pentreath

… It’s June 29th. Where is your Monday morning post? I love beginning my week by reading your faithful, regular entries; a little glimpse of home for a homesick Brit in the US.  Have you any idea how much we all look forward to checking in with you?  Unless you’re hospitalized, please write soon and don’t be a tease.  

Was a nice comment received yesterday on the blog.

From time to time I’m conscious that probably the most important date in my diary is to write something down here to soften or brighten or amuse your Monday morning, depending on whether I’m writing about Dorset or (which personally I think has rather gone off the boil) or having a quasi political rant. I don’t think I have to tell you… it’s something I enjoy a lot. And I realise also from time to time that I’ve become a tiny part of the regular routine of rather a lot of people, many of whom I’ll never get to meet (although I love hearing and reading your comments); and I’m equally aware… there’s nothing so upsetting to a routine as it being broken.

This is of course all very well but it does depend on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings at home. This Sunday for various reasons I was out of London, staying in pretty-close-to-perfection-world with my friends Kim Wilkie and Pip Morrison, landscape architects, at their farm in Hampshire. And Pip cooked a usual amazing dinner, and I was knackered, and no WAY was I going to write anything that evening, and we had the earliest start on Monday morning… and then I drove to Lyndhurst and to Kent and back, and yesterday evening in London just wanted to… read my book… and so the thing that I wanted to write about this week hasn’t quite been written.

Well, at least you’re not my editor at the FT.

So, for now, here’s a ‘Ben P default holding page blog.’

Some gratuitous photos of the veg garden on Friday evening.

Some gratuitous photographs of Tennyson Down, on the Isle of Wight, where I stayed with Mum & Dad this weekend…

And some really gratuitous photographs of Tom Daley competing in Barcelona. Possibly, after all, the best view of England for homesick brits that I can offer this weekend.

You see, it’s always worth reading to the end.

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So THATS why the man in a speedo keeps turning up when my mother in law Googles poor Pip. x


OMG. I think I’m in love.

Vanessa Ryallsays:

Thankyou for being you.Great blog.


I do enjoy your flashes of naughtiness,Mr.P!


What a lovely bunch of followers you have Ben ! Nice community here.

Ellen Spencersays:

I have observed that if Monday comes without a BP post, there will surely be one in the next day or two. I enjoy the anticipation! Also, agree with others; would love to visit Tennyson Downs. Mr. Daley, not so much.


Meh – as nobody else wants sweet Tom (they have NO idea), I’ll just dance off into the sunset with him, tvm. Y’all are welcome to your Downs.

Dear Ben, I confess to also being one of your avid fans, albeit a newer one, eagerly awaiting my Monday morning fix of wit, lovely English landscapes and interiors, and…whatever! Tom Daley certainly is a fine exemplar of male youth and beauty, a veritable kouros (am I just a dirty old lady, or is that photo with the diving board just a *little* suggestive??) I have been reading my way through your archives since discovering your blog 4 or 5 weeks back. I am up to Sept 2012, I don’t want to rush, with so much to savor. May I say the Fornasetti chest looks fabulous in the bedroom of the new flat, coupled with Piranesi against the dark walls, bedpost rising like a classical column in the foreground! By the way–I noticed that in a photo from 2009, there was a rectangular window on the side of the Old Parsonage, while later photos show a lovely oval one. I was hoping for a post about replacing the window? Haven’t come across it.

I hope you will stop over at Collagitation sometime. I have been posting only when I have new art to debut, but I find Inspiration so, well, inspiring, that I am planning posts on other topics as well (the joys of deciphering book titles in photos of others’ libraries; a pictorial ode to finials.) Thank you for sharing your homes, your life, family and friends with us! I look forward to years of Inspiration!

All the best,



British Gas I see…I wonder where his pilot light is!


So so much look forward to Mondays Ben post that I have to write and say do not ever give up as we’d all be in such a bereft state but can handle the not quite making it Monday thing so please don’t feel pressured !! X


Well! That was a nice change of pace! I’m still mulling over the beautiful “home” for single women a few post back. Do they take Americans I wonder? It looked heavenly.

deb millersays:

A diverse selection of hotness. Oh I do like that!


What is it with you and heights, BP? That scaffolder has a LOT to answer for! I’m afraid you have crossed the line whereby your public awaits, every Monday, without fail, come hail or high water.

Liza Vandermeersays:

I have to agree that the diver doesn’t look like someone I’d want to have breakfast with … Tennyson Down looks like much better company.


Thank you, Ben. Now I can take a deep breath and feel inspired for the remainder of the week ( though I must say, Veg and/in Speedos is a rather shocking combo for this mother of five on a Tuesday morning!!) Good to know that you were able to see your Mum and Dad this weekend. How is the Captain? We were so worried after his fall earlier in the year. You see, Ben, we’ve all become invested in you; not just your writing and beautiful photography. We, from a distance, have become so comfortably familiar with you, your work, family, and concerns that we feel that each week brings us news from a friend to whom we’ve all become increasingly attached. And so, Ben, Monday mornings just aren’t the same without you.


I enjoyed looking at that swimmer, but have decided he looks too preening and a bit crabby.

Love the veggie garden. I have a tiny walled garden. All I can fit in is a few runner beans and some roses!

To be honest I didn’t realise that you did a post every Monday – I just get caught up with your comings and goings and lovely photos – regardless of whether it’s Monday or not. Thank you for giving us something lovely to look at (Tom Daley included).

Dorothy Lindsaysays:

Ben, you’re a bad boy! ‘Gratuitous photos of the veg garden’ indeed!! You can take your tongue out of your cheek now….
But although I do share ‘homesick Brit’s’ enthusiasm for your posts, I can’t complain if they don’t appear on schedule, so to speak. I’m just amazed that you manage to do them at all, with everything else you’re involved with; I think you’re wonderful.
And a bad boy.


Thank goodness for that, you quite put out my whole week.

Although Mr Daley is easy on the eye, toothsome to use an old fashioned term, I’d sooner have Tennyson Down. Less work I suspect!
Ben do you remember, one Saturday in the late nineties when we drew Bury St Edmunds’ Cathedral for Warwick Pethers?

Well, you can have the Mr Daley photos and I’ll go for Tennyson Down, being a homesick Brit AND a corkhead born and bred.


Hello there , I was feeling quite bereft yesterday at lack of BP blog and am so relieved to see you back on line today , have felt moved to leave comment! Something I have never done . I am lucky enough to live and work in the most beautiful part of Devon with Dartmoor in one direction and stunning coast in the other, I also have a veg patch with broad beans and the odd nasturtium.But still can’t wait to see your blog every monday for veg patch update, stunning photos of Dorset and interesting things . Warn us if you want a Monday off!
All best and thanks for cheering up Mondays.

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