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24 August 2013
Ben Pentreath

To everyone who has very kindly entered my international conspiracy For Valentina’s birthday and placed an order from Many Kitchens… it’s worked!  I am so grateful… Birthday going well…

Here, meanwhile, is a little taster of some of what we’ve been up to.

Urbino. City of dreams. More to follow…

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Suzy Fanningsays:

Ben, I love the moment you captured with the lady airing the rug out of the window. Such a mundane job but she does it against the backdrop of this fabulous old apartment building with peeling plaster over brick, intricate stone pediments and blue grey shutters. I really enjoyed reading about this ideal town. Thank you

Beautiful photos, Ben! Who doesn’t love Italy? There’s something so inherently comforting about human-scaled cities, isn’t there? I am fascinated by the patterns in the pavements and the beauty of warm sunshine on old stone buildings that your photos capture so well. Thank goodness no one has come along to “repair” the impasto of age on the surface of the old walls. The grand staircase in the Urbino palace is a marvel. The opposite of those staircases in houses in the Netherlands houses that are almost ladders. I seem to remember reading that some palace staircases had those very low risers so that horses could be ridden up them. I’ve only ever been to Italy once, ages ago, to Venice, and I’ll never forget it. We arrived at night and made our way through the narrow streets to our hotel. The buildings were so close, that with the dim illumination and darkness overhead, I had the eerie sensation of walking through the corridors of a huge, ancient palace. One of these years, the gods willing, I will return. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your vacation!



So enjoyed starting my desk time this morning with a look at these pictures. Although I don’t remember exactly how I discovered your blog (perhaps via Jane Brocket?) I have bookmarked it for future visits. I just returned from 4 weeks in Gent, Belgium where I stayed in the heart of the very old historic district. I was struck there by the vast network of wires strung from building to building, presumably for cable and internet. I noticed this in your pictures as well. So while the buildings in our pictures may not have changed for centuries, there is a touch of the contemporary.


ben, your e mails have stopped arriving, the site wont let me re-register, cant miss my weekly balm for the eyes, is there a way to correct?


Dear Rosie! I am so so sorry! We are having a few bugs at the moment and this is one. We are fixing it and the best thing I can ask you to do is to wait until the new system is up in October – in the meantime I will try (when I am back from holidays) to post every single Monday!! PS scroll down to the end of Year Turning for more details.


I hope you brought back a big servings of gelato and tiramisu for me. It won’t be the same as in situ but I would try to force it down 😉

Melanie Snydersays:

What, no eye candy!?


Having to make do with re-viewing Francesco da Mosto’s 2006 series Italy Top To Toe (Thurs BBC4). He was just in Urbino. Looking forward to Rome with you and him.

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