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2 December 2013
Ben Pentreath

Has a cold. It’s enjoying lying in bed taking a honey and lemon listening to Woman’s hour.

I will write soon!

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Hi Ben, just purchased your book, BP English Decoration and it is fantastic! I live in the states and I am quite tired of the American designers’ “pared down” EVERYTHING!!! It is wonderful to see rooms crammed with books, furniture and paintings, much like my own townhouse. Thank you so much for writing such a great book! BTW, I really liked seeing Peter Hone’s kitchen, for how tiny it is, it is filled with character. Regards, Lee

I wish you a speedy recovery, Ben, though I have found being ill an excellent excuse to do nothing but sleep and catch up on reading. I hope someone is coming in to take care of you? Nothing like being babied when you’re sick. Get well soon!



Oh poor Mr. Ben. I do hope you feel better for Wednesday’s Christmas fair on Rugby Street. I cannot wait to visit. Your old fashioned charm and gentleness and your modern sprightliness brighten the days of me and my family. Thank you very very much Ben Pentreath! GET WELL SOON!


What about a steaming-Leeds Pottery-mug of chicken soup. Waitrose do one with veg, if no Jewish mommas are around!


Oh poor you, all these strangers hanging on your every word and hoping that you will be able to cheer up our lives every Monday (and believe you me you do). On the other, how lovely that so many people wish you well. Go back to bed, cook up all or any of the suggested restoratives and for the sake of your masculine well-being turn off Woman’s Hour. Go and listen to The Food Programme, that will really do you good.


Poor baby, get well soon 🙁 xx

Southern Gal (@sogalitno)says:

ginger cut up with lots of cut lemons … cover with water, simmer for a while… you will be amazed at the wonderful smell. 15-30 mins. (you decide) strain it and drink hot with honey and optional bourbon. almost worth getting sick for this… feel better !

Obviously I wish the blog a speedy recovery but it does sound really cozy. I have a cold as well but probably not the dreaded male version since I’m not lying in bed, only sneevel a bit and have a slight cough. 🙂 And I also just bought your book which I can’t wait to receive.


Hope you feel better Ben. Monday is sadder without your wonderful blog to brighten it.

Nicola Barriesays:

I wondered where you were! I hope you are feeling better soon…. Warm wishes from Australia (40 degrees today). x


I hadn’t realised how much I rely on my Monday morning posts from your lovely blog until it didn’t appear today. I too have a cold. My chosen remedy is a glass or two of prosecco. Get well soon.

Get well wishes to the blog. (I just bought your book. It’s fabulous. Found it at a great little shop in Brooklyn, owned by a great gal from the Cotswolds. Called Grace&Favor.)


Get well soon – you are missed.

Deby (in Canada)says:

Campari with fizzy orange is just the thing for a cold- loaded with vitamin C and will remind the ‘blog’ of Italy and that will cheer us all up. Feel better.


Groan. Guess I’ll have to read the paper. Sauerkraut, definitely, to heal the gut where all our immunity lives. Get the good stuff, though. I make my own. I’d drop some off, but for the ocean between us.

Get well soon! Treats and rest time needed 🙂


Get well soon Ben x

Oh no the blog can’t have a cold, it’s always there to cheer one up on a Monday morning! Get well soon dear blog (Ben) until next week.



Poor old blog. Nothing worse than a man cold. Keep up the fluids and lots of bed rest and maybe a Becks to go with the nice lie down. Don’t get over-excited listening to the Woman’s Hour, and get well soon. Monday needs YOU!

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