Grand Budapest…

9 March 2014
Ben Pentreath

I’m afraid it’s a very short post today. So, I am sorry to upset your routine… but I’m on the road for work after a lovely weekend with Mum & Dad, and staying with my friends Kim & Pip this evening (who I haven’t seen for ages) and I know the last thing I’m going to want to do is creep off and pen a blog. So tomorrow, I’m very excited… I get back to London after several rather manic meetings at about 6pm and hope to be home, traffic allowing, in time to meet our little trip from the office to see… The Grand Budapest Hotel.  I can’t wait! Will report back.

And more blog happenings in due course. Spring is here, exciting times at the moment. I think my only real comment for right now is… can you believe how quickly the weeks come by?

grand-budapest-hotelWes, we love you!!!

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This has nothing to do with the film which I hope to see soon. I just wanted to say this: I was browsing The Telegraph and looking at the “interiors” section. There I found a Google Glass tour of “London sexiest house” on Cheyne Walk. Oh my. Too much money there. I am sure the owners like it, but I hated it. Then I looked thru your book again and felt much better. Thank you.


GREAT comment Linda!! Thank you 🙂


The film was wonderful – what an adventure! He never ceases to amaze and inspire.

david noonansays:

the film is wonderful. the music and Ralph Fiennes are brilliant.


Dear David, Alexis – I couldn’t agree more – the best Wes yet. PERFECT. I want to see it again, in about 4 weeks’ time, to pick up all the tiny details I know I’ve missed…

Deby (in Canada)says:

Oh Ben
You have upset so many routines! Lucky you tomorrow… do hurry and join the outing. Wes is the best!
Cheers Deby

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