We’re just crazy for Brazil…

15 June 2014
Ben Pentreath

…over here at Ben P towers.

I imagine that the combination of ‘readers of this blog’ and ‘people who are interested in football’ must be about the smallest venn diagram in the world.  I always feel a bit sorry for Rob, in the architectural office, who is the only person in our entire team who has a serious knowledge of or interest in the beautiful game.  Every time we make a new hire, I think Rob vaguely hopes that he might have a football buddy to discuss last night’s match with, but it just doesn’t ever seem to work out that way.

So perhaps it was Rob’s cunning plan to somehow or another conspire to give me Brazil in the world cup office sweepstake.  I was out at the time – so I think it was Ruth who picked on my behalf. I got back to the office that evening to find these three little tags stuck on my computer.

P1040966Not bad, when you think about it, although I think I rate Iran’s chances slightly higher than our own.   But obviously I was quite pleased about Brazil.

Now I know this might make me sound like Baroness Morgan, over in the House of Lords this week, who also admitted that she’d picked Brazil in the office sweepstake… and you will be glad to hear I’m not turning up to work in a T-shirt like hers just yet…


…But it is true to say I’ve been in favour of all things Brazilian for a while. One of the things I love most of all about living in London, is, um, how can I put this? The number of lovely Brazilians who’ve made our great city their home. They are very friendly indeed.

For instance, our cleaner Fernando in the office. Every now and again Fernando brings his beautiful little daughters to the office after school.  Mainly, they have a fun time colouring in that day’s discarded elevations picked out of the recycling box, but from time to time they join in to help.  (okay, this is not actual child slave labour, before anyone complains). And on Friday evening… world cup fever had definitely hit.


CUTE huh?

A lot of the culture vultures, I note, have been writing about the beauty of Brazilian architecture or design just now.  It’s been an article I’ve read in a few papers as the literati desperately struggle to keep up.

Over here at Ben P land we’re not quite so subtle. The girls sure are cute, but not quite as cute as my favourite Instagram feed of all time: Ricardo Baldin. I recommend you follow him now, alongside 43,543 others.  So Ricardo, you get the last word. Or, at least, the last look.

e1c824dfb1fe38f4dfb28f56037917ce large_portrait tumblr_n0v9p1N0Wx1qg22hlo1_1280 RicardoBaldin tumblr_myjefrY0Be1qzx74yo1_1280Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 17.07.46

Happy watching. Viva Brazil!


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We need a picture of Fernando please, buffed and leaning over a drawing board.
Couldn’t find Ricardo’s name in the Brazilian squad; are we missing something here?


Mmm, impressive….and I don’t mean your draw in the World Cup 🙂


At last, a worth while World Cup inspired post. Obrigado Sr. P.

Well, Ben, to demonstrate how little I know about soccer (in spite of working for a boss who is a RABID fan), I looked at the wonderful photos of RB, assuming that he was a Brazilian soccer player. Wow, I thought, incredibly handsome and a famous fussballer too, how lucky can a guy get? Then I followed the link to his Instagram page–ooops!! Good thing I didn’t try to show off my soccer fan chops to the boss 🙂

BTW–loved your previous post, what great pix of Mum & Dad! Thanks as always for sharing.


I post on a forum (for a book series) which has posters from all over the world and the World Cup is huge right now. Everyone is assigned a country to root for. I got Russia. I have not been the best cheerleader for them. But someone has started a nice World Cup Players Abs Only thread which is quite delightful.


Poor of old Rob! He should work in my office, it’s football conversations all the time (unfortunately, I am not a fan). I think I need to create an Instagram account – if only to follow Ricardo!


I would agree. Ricardo’s rather easy on the eye!


Now if Wayne Rooney looked like that I am sure that the great game would have an even great following in the office…. ps cherish young Rob…. he sounds likes a mystical unicorn in the design world… heterus decoratus

Brazil, England and Iran – that’s quite a heady brew. Not that I (unlike the Rob in your office)would know anything about football! Though I do recognize a cute footballer when I see one…

ha-ha! that worked! actually guilty as charged on all counts: all things pentreath, football + hunky brazilian youngsters! (cute kids too!) we needed a smile after yesterdays ho-hum england performance.

Oh My! That has seriously cheered up my Sunday afternoon! Move aside Mr Darcy! ( aka Colin Firth emerging from the water in a white shirt…..who could forget that in a hurry…)

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