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14 August 2014
Ben Pentreath

No words, no image… and above all…with apologies to regular readers: no laptop. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m off to Greece. Back to London in time for that magical moment as summer slips into autumn. I’ll be first in Rhodes, and then to Patmos, and I’m so excited. Holidays are wonderful always, but this one feels more exciting than many past. I can’t wait to report on NOTHING AT ALL on my return. In the meantime, I hope you’ll be happy to take a long browse through posts past, here, and I’m looking forward so much to the start of new term feeling, when everyone is home.

Thank you again for reading; and, if you don’t mind my saying, for the many many kind comments on the blog. I only apologise that I am not always able to reply to each in turn.


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Hi Ben,
I can imagine what a great time you’re having! Soaking up the sun, the scents and sounds of a truly magical place, enjoying yourself and recharging your batteries. I’m looking forward to your vacation photos, you have a gift for capturing beauty that way. Thank you for this blog–also a truly magical place! We love you!!



Party on, Baby!


Ahhhh, wonderful beautiful spiritual Patmos. Seems everyone has a house there now. Don’t tell anyone else……

deby (in Canada)says:

Ben… agree with PP about the gin and with everyone in wishing you a marvellous holiday…
will miss the monday posts but enjoy instagram pics
cheers Deby


Have a wonderful and much-deserved holiday.


And I agree with June and Steve, both. I too love your blog, look forward to it every week, will miss it these coming two weeks, but wish you a lovely holiday.

Cornelia Poolesays:

Enjoy the blue sea the smell of thyme the mousaka and salad stars. Watch out for the mosquitos

I agree with June’s comment 100%. I’m less online than ever before–but with the one notable exception of this blog. A late blog post causes me anxiety, but I’m happy you can unplug for two weeks and will look forward to the travelogue when you return!



Have magical adventures and safe home.


It’s funny. With so much over-sharing and ugliness bombarding us each day, I retreat from the digital world (more and more each day) for peace and for space in my mind. But your very personal stories and pictures help me find that space in my mind. And peace, of course. Thank you for this, Ben. Enjoy your retreat.


Leila Klaissays:

Have a great holiday ben,what is this book that Dolores just said she enjoys reading?Please can you send me the name and where i can buy it from?I would really appreciate it.
If you can send me the link on

Leila Kalis.

Nicola Lawrencesays:

Dear Ben, have a wonderful time.


I’m just thankful that allowing yourself a wonderful vacation means that you’ll be back with renewed energy. I so love reading your blog and reading your book which I have in my hand at least once a week.Both are most inspiring and always give me a lift. Vacation will do the same for you.
Thank you for both book and blog!


Have the very best of times, free from all responsibility (including the blog). Drink plenty of gin. Everything will be exactly the same when you return (it always is) except that you will be sliding into glorious autumn and we will be sliding (in my case like a mule at the gate) into spring.

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